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CFK Kibera COVID-19 With the rampant spread of coronavirus, a coordinated, organized and tailored response is essential for informal communities. COVID-19 CFK RESPONSE Stories of Progress We witness firsthand the power of collaboration and partnership. The families, children and communities we’ve connected with continue to drive our efforts and inspire our work. READ THEIR STORIES

350,000 live in an over-crowded
square mile in Nairobi, Kenya.

In this crowded community, residents struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to lack of access to quality healthcare, proper nutrition, and poor sanitation, leaving residents susceptible to a variety of diseases.

Gender inequality, limited access to education, unemployment, drugs, and substance abuse further impede individual and community progress.

In the largest informal settlement in Africa, residents struggle with limited access to resources and live with an increased risk of disease.

Positive change.

We’re on a mission to create pathways out of poverty.


Providing a truly holistic approach to healthcare to people at all stages of life.

Education & Livelihoods

Offering educational and work readiness services to help people secure employment.

Girls Empowerment

Creating a space for girls to hone their mentorship and advocacy skills that allow them to grow and thrive.

Take action.


Hundreds of thousands of people.
One crowded square mile.
Limited access to resources.

With your help, we’re
making an impact.




girls served by the
girls empowerment


children under five
reached with
nutritional services


youth served by sports and education programs


students received
high school

Numbers are based on cumulative impact data (2001-2019).

Stories of progress.

The latest from CFK.

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