Stories of Progress

  • Douglas: Role Model. Self-Starter. Poet.
    After losing his job due to COVID-19, Douglas connected with CFK's Entrepreneurship and Economic Development project to learn new skills. Now, he is a role model for other youth in his community.
  • New road in Kibera
    Insights: Adapting to the Needs of Evolving Communities
    Anneliese Gegenheimer visited CFK for the first time in 2012. When she returned in 2021, she was struck by how the organization had adapted to meet the community's evolving needs.
  • Jared Wilson
    Two Clinics. One Year: Meet Jared Wilson
    After finishing standard eight (grade eight), Jared Wilson lost his father. That was the moment Jared realized the need for localized healthcare and greater health education in his community. This year, he opened two clinics amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • COVID-19 vaccine distribution
    CFK Pioneers COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Strategy in Kiambu County
    Despite the growing availability of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, significant disparities in access remain. CFK developed a tailored COVID-19 vaccine distribution strategy in partnership with the Ministry of Health to improve delivery and promote vaccine acceptance in Kiambu County.
  • Celebrating the Second Anniversary of our Tabitha Maternity Home
    This year, we're celebrating the second anniversary of our Tabitha Maternity Home and marking one year of ambulance operations. Meet our ambulance driver, Nicholas Okumu.
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Service
    It all started with $26, an unlikely connection, and a commitment to service. Read about the origin of CFK as we celebrate our co-founder Tabitha's birth week.
  • CFK on NTV Kenya
    CFK Leaders Discuss Expansion & Advocate for Informal Settlements on NTV Kenya
    CFK Executive Director, Hillary Omala, and Partnerships and Fundraising Manager, Ann Kungu, discussed CFK’s expansion plans and the importance of community development work in informal settlements during an hour-long NTV Kenya segment on August 31. 
  • Celebrating the 2020 Angaza Scholarship Graduates
    This year, CFK celebrated a milestone as 89% of the 2020 graduating class of Angaza Scholars excelled in the KSCE exam with university-qualifying grades. A few graduates discussed their future plans and the experiences they had through the Angaza Project.
  • Managing Menstrual Hygiene & Addressing Menstrual Shame
    Educating young people on proper menstrual hygiene management is the first step in addressing misinformation and menstrual shame. On this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day, CFK led open discussions with adolescent girls and young women and distributed critical sanitary products.
  • CFK Executive Director Hillary Omala on NTV Kenya
    Hillary Omala Represents Informal Settlements on NTV Kenya Panel
    CFK executive director, Hillary Omala, discussed the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 on residents of informal settlements during a panel discussion broadcast on NTV Kenya on April 28.
  • CFK 20th Anniversary
    Launching the CFK Alumni Network
    As a part of celebrating the 20th anniversary of CFK, we are launching the first-ever CFK volunteer alumni network, led by Yaniv Barzilai, which will invite past volunteers to reconnect and reminisce on their time in Kibera.
  • CFK Binti Pamoja Centre in Kibera
    Building Foundations to Foster Aspirations in Kibera
    Growing up just a few miles outside of Kibera, George Kuria always knew that the community was teeming with immeasurable potential. Now, he serves on CFK’s Board, helping bring greater opportunity to Kibera.
  • Rethinking the Role of Sport During COVID-19
    Sport education is a powerful means to foster physical fitness and mental well-being as well as social attitudes and behavior while populations are locked down. We remain committed to supporting young people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Introducing our 2021 Peacock Fellow
    Keerti Kalluru is joining CFK as our 2021 Peacock Fellow. Keerti is a UNC student studying nutrition and human development and family studies. This year, she will be helping develop communications and fundraising material for our 20th Anniversary.
  • International Women's Day with Kibra Advocacy Network and CFK
    Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021
    As part of the K-GAN, CFK worked with 25 local organizations to organize a procession and celebration in honor of this year's International Women's Day, which recognized the critical role women play in ensuring an equitable recovery from COVID-19.
  • Research, Connections, and Community
    Born, raised, and educated in Kibera, Melvin Ochieng connected with CFK during its early years. Now, 15 years later, he works as a Research Scientist at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), one of CFK’s largest research partners. 
  • Students with CFK masks return to school in Kibera
    Reflecting on School Reopening in Kenya
    After a 10-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools in Kenya re-opened for all students on January 4, 2021. CFK is working with teachers and students to ensure they have the tools and knowledge needed to return to school safely.
  • Championing Child Development through Nutrition and Play
    Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Frankline Mwenda and his nutrition team have successfully cured and discharged 45 previously malnourished children during the pandemic. Now, they're continuing to respond to increased needs and expanding their impact in Kibera.
  • CFK Angaza Scholarship recipient Nancy Muga in Kibera
    Securing More than a Scholarship
    With her parents unable to financially support two children through secondary school, Nancy Muga had two options: wait for her brother to graduate or secure a scholarship for herself.
  • CFK Young Health and Wellness Centre Kibera
    Promoting Healthy Decisions through Counseling and Connections
    Victrine Oluoch was born to be a counselor. Growing up, she frequently offered advice to her friends, and, after serving as a peer mentor in high school, she recognized that her interest could lead to a purposeful career. 
  • CFK Ruth presents Circle of Push
    2020 Year in Review: Our Work in Pictures
    In 2020, CFK expanded its impact in Kibera, responded to emergency needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and celebrated milestones across its programs. Moving forward, CFK seeks to expand its programs and services to additional informal settlements in Kenya.
  • CFK girls empowerment program participants in Kibera
    Empowering Girls & Creating Sustainable Impact
    Raised in an informal settlement, Sarah has always been acutely aware of the challenges girls face in disenfranchised communities. Understanding first-hand the threat of gender inequality, she made it her personal mission to work with and empower young women and girls to have education and self-efficacy.
  • Coaching Sports & Teaching Leadership
    CFK's flagship Sports for Development Project was founded in 2001 to promote peace and reduce ethnic violence. While the project shifted its approach in 2018, its core belief remains the same: sports can do much more than provide entertainment and physical activity. 
  • Student at CFK ICT Centre
    The Power of Economic Opportunity
    Bramwell connected with CFK’s entrepreneurship and economic development initiative in 2019. Now, he has a full-time job and is continuing his education, paying off his school fees, and helping support his friends and family. 
  • Kibera rooftops CFK Tabitha Clinic
    The Impact of COVID-19 on SGBV in Kibera
    Fueled by a combination of confined living conditions, economic insecurity, and food insecurity, there has been an alarming increase in physical, psychological, sexual, and economic forms of domestic violence against women and girls in Kibera.
  • CFK nutrition center team in Kibera
    From the Field: A Day in the Life of a Community Health Worker
    Living in Kibera for many years, Bentado, one of the Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) working out of CFK’s Lishe Bora Mtaani Nutrition Centre, has experienced firsthand the health challenges facing the community. Now, she has become part of the solution.  
  • CFK CHV in Kibera
    Working Together to Address SGBV in Kibera
    Worldwide, 1 in 3 women experience sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in their lifetime. In Kibera, that statistic is likely higher, but CFK is empowering girls, mobilizing the community, and helping create a path to justice for survivors.
  • CFK WASH in Kibera
    4 Reasons to Invest in CFK WASH
    Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) initiatives are cost-effective ways to help save lives. CFK established its WASH project in 2014, targeting households with expecting mothers and children under five and seeking to reduce the cases of diarrheal diseases in the community.
  • CFK ICT Centre Kibera
    From Class to Coding: Angaza Alumnus Andrew Otieno Odongo
    After completing information and communications technology courses through CFK's entrepreneurship and economic development program, Andrew Otieno Odongo studied coding at the Moringa school and now works at a health-tech startup.
  • CFK WASH activities in Kibera
    Making Handwashing More Accessible for All
    With the emergence of COVID-19, CFK increased its WASH activities by making soap and installing additional handwashing facilities throughout the community and at individual household levels.