Stories of Progress

  • CFK mother and child in Kibera
    Inspiring and Tenacious – These are the Mothers of Kibera
    Motherhood can be filled with bliss, but it can also bring about traumatic consequences. Three mothers in Kibera share how they have overcome adversity for the betterment of themselves and their growing families.
  • CFK Peacock Fellow Ashley Coleman in Kibera with Mercy
    #KaribuKenya – The True Spirit of Community Development
    Social work student, Ashley Coleman, joined CFK as a Peacock Fellow during the summer of 2018. She reflects on her experiences and what they taught her about community development.
  • CFK Peacock Fellow Anna Degrauw in Kibera
    Community Development is a Way of Life
    Anna Degrauw supported CFK's Binti Pamoja Centre during her time as a 2018 Peacock Fellow. She discusses what she learned about the "strength of the community in Kibera."
  • CFK Peacock Fellow Michelle Ikoma in Kibera
    Swapping My Stethoscope for Spreadsheets
    As a first-year medical student, Michelle Ikoma supported CFK's nutrition team during her time as a Peacock Fellow in Kibera. She reflects on the importance of both business in medicine in the healthcare field.