From Class to Coding: Angaza Alumnus Andrew Otieno Odongo

By: Andrew Otieno Odongo, Community Health Outreach Program 

My name is Andrew Otieno Odongo, and I am a CFK Angaza Scholarship recipient. learned about CFK after sitting for my final primary exams whemy Head Teacher told us to seek out scholarship opportunities. I had scored good marks for admission to high school, but my parents were unable to pay my fees. Still hoping to attend high school, my friends and I walked from banks to organizations that, at that time, were offering scholarship opportunities to bright but needy students. I applied for the Angaza Scholarship through CFK, was shortlisted for an interview, and was eventually selected as one of CFK’s Angaza scholars.  

After completing high school, I enrolled in CFK’s Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (EED) program, which involves information technology training, training on business development, networking and mentorship opportunities, work readiness initiatives, financial literacy training, and creating a network for talent and vocational skills development through partnerships with local businesses and employers.

Through the EED program I learned soft skills in financial management, life skills, employer ability skills and business development skills. Upon finishing the soft skills preparation training, I registered for information and communications technology (ICT) classes over three months. I later passed an evaluation concerning ICT. The ICT training gave me an opportunity to connect to the Moringa School, and I secured scholarship to further my education and study programming. 

Information and Communications Technology training CFK

Coding Outside of the Classroom

I was shortlisted among those who qualified for the coding course at Moringa School, and I eventually obtained a certificate of completion. Currently, I am an alumnus at Moringa School and a Software Engineer Intern at Dokutela, which was bootstrapped after winning the MIT COVID -19 Hackathon. 

Created for the hackathon, the team is composed of a mix of industry experts and subject matter experts from the US, India, the EU, and multiple African countries. Our vision is to create an Africa-wide healthcare platform that reduces patient risk and mortality and has capabilities throughout and after the COVID-19 pandemicThe first step in achieving this vision is creating a questionnaire and ePrescriptionbased platform.  

Dokutela accurately and reliably triages patients with chronic illnesses using a USSD model in which patients answer a questionnaire similar to the one used by a doctor. Depending on their responses, which are relayed to our server to match with machine learning data, we notify them whether their medication is sufficient for the disease or whether a change in dosage or medicine is needed. This helps patients access healthcare facilities while maintaining social distancing norms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dokutela intends to further extend this to other emerging global markets.


Learn more about CFK’s Entrepreneurship & Economic Development program. 

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