Strong women build strong communities

Girls Empowerment


 Already living in an area struggling with overcrowding, poor sanitation, poverty, and limited educational and economic opportunities, adolescent girls in Kibera also face high rates of teenage pregnancy and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), gender inequality, and social and cultural norms that devalue women’s rights and educations.

of women in Kibera report experiencing some form of violence in their lifetime.

of mothers in Kenya die due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

of adolescent girls in Kibera have either given birth or are pregnant with their first child.

CFK Solutions

CFK supports adolescent girls and teenage mothers through a dual strategy of mentorship and advocacy. Recognizing that girls face unique challenges, the organization implements targeted programs for them, teaches them about their rights, and advocates for gender equality.

Binti Pamoja

Binti Pamoja (Swahili for “Daughters United”) provides adolescent girls with a supportive environment and comprehensive programming that addresses their immediate and long-term safety, dignity, and development needs. 

Through training encompassing sexual and reproductive health, life skills, leadership, empowerment and growth, human rights, and financial literacy, the project provides girls with the knowledge and confidence they need to become strong, healthy women.  

girls served
safe spaces operated in Kibera
mentors leading regular sessions
boys-only safe spaces operated

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