Nairobi, Kenya is home to Kibera, the largest
and most densely populated urban slum in Africa.

In Kibera, hundreds of thousands of people live in a crowded one square mile outside of the city.

CFK children in school in Kibera
CFK girl in Kibera

The Problem

In this small, crowded community, residents struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Reduced access to quality healthcare, proper nutrition, and poor sanitation leave residents susceptible to a variety of diseases. Gender inequality, limited access to education, unemployment, drugs, and substance abuse further impede individual and community progress.

CFK boy in Kibera

Through these challenges, the residents of Kibera are teeming with energy and initiative to create a positive change. As an organization co-founded by a Kiberan, Tabitha Festo, out of deep love for her community, we strive to continue her legacy of identifying and meeting essential community-identified needs that exist in Kibera — this commitment is in our DNA and fuels our work.