Peter’s Journey to a Brighter Future

As of September 6th, 2019, Peter Opiyo has successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with second upper class honors and as the first university educated member of his extended family. However, these achievements were no easy feat. In fact, Peter has been working towards this accomplishment since 2006 when he first found CFK.

Peter first came to CFK in 2006 as a participant in Sports for Development’s Caught Offside Project. In 2007 Peter became a peer educator for CFK and simultaneously was granted a scholarship through the Angaza Scholarship Project. Angaza covers 100% of high school tuition fees for qualifying students as well as offering leadership trainings and immersive field trip experiences.

Peter continued volunteering as a peer educator whenever he was home on school holidays. Even though Peter graduated at the top of his class – scoring an A on his final high school exams, he still worried about the next chapter. As the second born in a family of five, Peter was unsure of how he could continue with his university education with few funds available. Determined to make the most of his time, he continued to volunteer with CFK and give back to the community that gave so much to him.  During this gap year, Peter learned of the Adobe Youth Voices Project which utilized digital media as a channel for young people to express their art, a perfect fit for Peter – who has been a member of every school choir since high school.

After joining the project in 2014, Adobe Youth Voices called for project beneficiaries to submit their art as well as an essay on what role education played. Out of the thousands of applications submitted Peter was chosen as one of two Kenyan scholars to pursue his university studies.

In addition to being the first university educated member of his extended family he also completed Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) training and joined the Kenyan boys choir during his tenure at university.

When we asked Peter how it felt to be a college graduate, he told us that “Being in the Civil Engineering class of 2019 and finally graduating is a dream come true.” Ultimately though, Peter is still looking at how he can make the most impact on the community that helped him excel.

”I am now, more than ever, tasked with the great responsibility of making Africa and ultimately the world a better place.” – Peter Opiyo

We are proud to call Peter a part of our CFK family and an Angaza Alumni and are looking forward to what he does next as continues to find his brighter future.

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