Carolina to Kibera

The Peacock Fellowship


The Peacock Fellowship connects UNC students with the staff and community on the ground in Kibera.

This year long fellowship is available to graduate or undergraduate students and provides an immersive global experience in which fellows complete health-related or outreach projects in collaboration with Carolina for Kibera. The fellowship is comprised of a semester of project development, 2-3 months abroad for implementation, and a semester-long internship upon return. This year’s Peacock Fellowship application period is open from 11/04/19 – 12/02/19 and is recruiting for the following projects:

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Support Fellow

CFK is searching for a passionate and driven individual who has an affinity for data systems, analytics, and all things M&E. The fellow will:

  • Participate in the ongoing development of CFK’s data systems to support the monitoring and evaluation of CFK programming
  • Work directly with our M&E team by contributing to the build out and integration of program data bases as well as assisting in streamlining other essential processes

The ideal candidate has some background in the management or development of databases or technology systems. Experience using mobile data collection or Salesforce is ideal, but not required.

Research Fellow

CFK is searching for a driven individual with a passion for research. The fellow will be integral in the one or more of the following projects:

  • The development of evaluation tools for existing programming
  • The development of project documentation for existing programming
  • Participation in the ongoing development and implementation of CFK’s Theory of Change (ToC)

The projects outlined for the CFK Research Fellow requires a working knowledge of reporting principles, stellar scientific writing skills, and the ability to plan and execute a research project.

Meet Our Fellows

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